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Last month Lisa Ives (Director of EHT) teamed up with Pam Steele (Pure Pilates) to present a workshop combination that was completely new and exciting in the Basingstoke and North Hampshire district.
Our aim was to bring an innovative and synergistic workshop combining Pilates (mat/equipment)/Yoga/Tai Chi and introduce a new component 'applied osteopathy' which looked at posture and strain patterns. We sought to enhance our ladies & gents overall class experience, as well as go some way to help them understand the 'whys & how's' of what we're striving towards in the practical execution phase of our classes.

workshop Click to view a short video
Feedback received from the workshop:
100% achieved their personal goals and expectations set pre-workshop these largely included:
Better understanding of Bodybalance and Pilates
To have fun and try something new
Improve balance and strength overall
Gain a more intense workout and work different muscles
Develop existing skills
Learn new positions/exercises that you can take home
Improve flexibility and prevent back problems

What worked well for you?
Learning new things - great pace, fun & interesting
Staged approach of new poses in a great atmosphere then putting it altogether
Posture correction (being checked and adjusted)/Instructors walking around keeping an eye on you
Doing exercises I thought I couldn't do
Learning about posture types (Osteopathic Content)
Clear explanations from both instructors - Intro to Tai Chi & Pilates harder options
All of it!

Both Pam and I look forward to seeing you at our Spring workshop (March 2015) - Namaste