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The Importance of Relaxation

Importance of relaxation
"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are"
Chinese Proverb

I came across a fabulous article recently by Sue Fuller in 'Yoga Magazine' and thought I would pass part of her article on to you; in the hope it can aid your own relaxation in class or at home?

Learning relaxation techniques and practising them on a regular basis will help to counteract many of the stresses and strains that we incur on a daily basis.

When we relax our heart rate and blood pressure lowers, stress hormones become less active, the mind becomes clearer, anxieties are reduced and feelings of anger and frustration are diffused.

It is during relaxation that the body is able to effectively digest food and the heart and nervous system are able to rest.

In today's busy world we are subjected to all kinds of stresses and strains, which can take its toll on the body.

Relaxing regularly will help us to maintain a healthy balance and counteract any excessive stress.
Through yoga we learn many techniques to increase and enhance our ability to relax. Relaxing is nature's way of recharging.