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What Can I Do To Maintain My Health As I Get Older

Health & Getting Older

30 minutes of daily exercise (enough to make you warmer and breathe harder, whilst still able to have a conversation) can help reduce the risks associated with circulation problems and falls. It can also improve mood. This might include activities such as dancing or brisk walking.

Swimminig Arguably one of the finest forms of excercise is swimming, the water supports the body and there are no sudden movements which of course reduces the risk of injury.

Make sure you also eat a healthy and varied diet.

The use of trainers or similar footwear can help absorb shocks and take the pressure off your knees, hips and spine when walking for longer periods.
A short rest can help recover energy for the remainder of the day's activities.

Although aches and pains may be a common element to ageing, they don't have to get in the way of your lifestyle.
Do remember however as with any form of excercise no matter how easy or simple the routine may appear always start off slowly and gently, gradually building up. This is all the more important should you never have excercised or done very little.

Please seek medical advice if you think that an ongoing ailment or medication may negate your abiility to partake in excercise before starting.

Of course if during your excercise routine should you experience anything untoward (unusual pains, dizziness or shortness of breath etc) stop immediately and if necessary seek medical assistance.