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Chronic problems can potentionally take longer to resolve.Therefore the earlier you seek resolution the better your prognosis.
Acute Inflammation:
Heat, Redness, Swelling and/or pain are classed as the cardinal signs of acute inflammation and normally lasts hours/days (short duration). Ice is generally recommended in this stage to reduce the inflammation.
Chronic Inflammation:
No redness or heat. This is of longer duration i.e. weeks or even years, and can be due to unresolved acute inflammation, interference with healing or persistant and repeated noxious stimulus.

Your injury may warrant further investigation by another professional such as a radiologist, orthopaedic surgeon or you may need osteopathic treatment.
Similarly your training may be enhanced by using a podiatrist, dietitian or personal trainer. These are areas which we are happy to discuss and advise on.
Whatever your chosen sport or activity there is always the possibility of some form of injury or muscle strain, sports massage therapy is a proven method to assist the body in repairing itself with the focus of getting you back to achieving your goals as soon as possible.

If you believe you have injured a limb; rest, ice, compression and elevation might help, but seek advice if you are worried. Normal soft tissue healing time can take up to 12 weeks (if no other injuries occur).

Sports Therapy can help you to attain a higher level in your chosen activity.

Helps in the preparation of training and in the prevention of injury.
Removes the build up of general aches and pains that most people accept.
Allows new scar tissue to be aligned in accordance with tensile stress. This gives less pain and 'knotting', avoiding soft tissue build up.
Education of your injury can catalyse rehabilitation (pending adherence). Which means you can boost the effects of your treatment therefore:-

Get back to your chosen sport much quicker.