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Functional for life workshop

Life workshop Life workshop

Our (Essential Health Therapies & Pure Pilates) recent combined "Functional for Life" workshop at the Old Basing Village Hall received great feedback.
If you weren't able to make this workshop don't worry we're working on another combined workshop for later in the year, or may be you'd like to try a 2 hour 'Pure Bodybalance' Masterclass?
It's our pleasure to feedback to you on all that you thought of Essential Health Therapies and Pure Pilates combined workshop. Thank you for your facebook comments/'likes'/tweets/texts and emails.

100% achieved their personal goals and expectations set pre-workshop these largely included:
Life workshop Learning new exercise, increase knowledge - have fun!
Time to myself (exercise & relaxation of mind and body)
New experience - Learn how we use our bodies and how it affects our health
Use of equipment in class
Explore Pilates
To be taught posture and pose correction 1-1 by professionals
Exercise tips - how to stay flexible, learn about functional balance
Understand Feldenkrais and revise Bodybalance
Some good exercise / Increase core strength / Improve skills & ability

What worked well for you
Breaking down each exercise / slowing down to think about what we're trying to achieve including advanced options
Making sure my body is in the correct position as it's not always possible to do this in class
Good clear explanation of how to achieve poses
Bodybalance because it's familiar / Extra challenges in Pilate
Linking the Pilates to Bodybalance
Osteopathic content/In depth talk
Good to try Tai Chi and Bodybalance - Being challenged by the Yoga and Tai Chi routines
It was all enjoyable! I feel 2 inches taller
This workshop gave more time and was slower paced which allowed me to keep up much better
Building on information/exercises from the previous workshop and from the classes I attend
The length of the workshop - mixture of theory and practical

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